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The simplest way to bring onsite indoor farming to your business, university, educational institution, or community.

What is

Delicious and Sustainable Food Production.

Each Thrive container farm uses 1/10thof the natural resources of traditional farming and eliminates the food-miles, with no construction required.

Our farms utilize upcycled steel shipping containers. Built to withstand the harshest of conditions, the farms can be placed anywhere. Our farms arrive fully equipped and are completely operational within 8 hours of arrival. All you need is electricity, water and 500 square feet of level ground.

It Works

Brick Street Farms will install a container farm at your corporate location, educational institution, or private location.  We provide turnkey solutions or fully customizable farms depending on your needs.


Our farms are highly integrated horizontal hydroponic systems. They are fully climate-controlled growing machines, fully self contained inside a 40-foot freight container. We grow 2 acres of hyper-fresh produce inside of just 320 sq. ft. All produce is delivered to you each week.

We grow in any weather, year round to provide healthiest leafy greens available.

Our shipping container farms create excitement and and will draw attention from your surrounding community. The curiosity of your community will spark attention, media, hype and loyalty from your consumers.


THRIVE by Brick Street Farms provides your operation with fresh produce every week. Our greens provide exceptional presentation and taste to any food program. We have hundreds of varieties to choose from. We can always recommend our favorites and rock stars.

Our container farms are designed to grow lettuce heads, leafy greens, kales, chards, arugula, Asian varieties, herbs, microgreens, sprouts and edible flowers.

The Farmer

You get the farm; we do all the work. Your farm can come fully equipped with its own dedicated Farmer. Included exclusively in our THRIVE PLATINUM program:

Dedicated Farmer

Every THRIVE PLATINUM program member gets their own expert farmer. You’ll get to know them pretty well as they will be working at your farm 3 days per week.

Full-time Plant Care

Each week, your farmer will spend their time caring for your plants. They will seed, transplant the seedlings and harvest the mature plants.

Personalized Crop Schedule

It’s your farm, we’re just running it. We will customize the crops you want to fit the schedule you need.

Food Safety Program

Your farmer will keep up all maintenance tasks inside the farm while adhering to our strict food safety and sanitation standards.

Materials and Supply Management

We replenish all supplies, seeds, grow plugs, nutrients, sanitizers and anything else needed to run the farm.

Remote Farm Monitoring

Our custom farm software allows us to monitor your farm operations 24/7 to ensure things are operating as expected.

Choose Your Program


The full “turn-key” solution. Provides you with the onsite farm, a dedicated Brick Street Farms farmer and we do 100% of the farming and maintenance operations. Completely stress-free. You get all the greens!


We’re partners and you’re a full-time farmer. Provides you with the onsite farm, dedicated and accessible support, ongoing training and consultations and emergency.

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